I Will Raise Your Banner Across The Sky...

Blog time. Writing this from the couch, laid up with a sprained ankle, with Maddie and the puppies, binge-watching the 2nd season of Mindhunter. A relaxing Sunday. 

Our 2nd single off ‘Valkyrie’ is out!  “Follow in my Footsteps” is a song I wrote from the POV of a young boy watching his father leaving to war and the boy’s vow to continue his father’s crusade.  I talked a bit about the song in the last blog. But now you can actually listen...

Releasing this song feels great. We have another single coming out next month too. It’s amazing to finally be releasing this music after 10 years. Sharing music is one of the greatest feelings I know. 

Echo Park Rising was this weekend. For anyone outside of Los Angeles, it’s an awesome local music festival that features a lot of great local musicians. Sadly - due to my sprained ankle - I wasn’t able to spend much time there.  But I was able to play an awesome (albeit seated) show with my good friends from Beers for Fears. 

I’ve been playing bass and helping out Beers for Fears for over a year now. I love those guys a ton - Derek, Vicky, and Leon - and they’re a ton of fun to hang and rock with. We’ve been recording a 6-song EP for a long while now, where I get to wear that happy Producer hat. I’m excited to finish the EP this year.

Beers for Fears.

Beers for Fears.

Aside from that... looking forward to the Wheel or Time tv series (love those books), been working furiously with Maddie on Shark Attack projects (our music label services company), and still recording that new Polaris Rose record.

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone who has been turned onto JS recently. We’ve been inundated with amazing compliments. We are super excited to share more and more music with you this fall/winter. 🧟‍♂️

Madelynn Elyse

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