JOHNNY STRANGER is a hard rock band.  

We formed in 2005 in Olympia WA where we started making DIY concept records and played a lot of shows.

We relocated to Boston in 2008, made two more records, and played many more shows. 

We stepped away from the project and moved apart…


Last year, we reunited.  A new album is coming winter 2018.  We have many more records to make and many more shows to play.


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Art by Shelby Fitting.


“You know what I love about a band that decides to do a concept album?  I love that this is ambitious - you can’t be lazy when you need to construct a series of songs that tell a story, and in the case of Johnny Stranger, they do it very well.  It may be a concept album but the songs are all distinct and if one didn’t know they’re supposed to string together to tell a story, one could easily listen to each of these songs as separate entities - so the fact that this works just as well as individual songs as it does as a whole story is a reflection of an enterprising, energetic band.  This is a sci-fi story about “an intergalactic space traveler and his desperate quest to save his beloved starlet.”  An attempt to check out the lyrics on their site failed but I can say musically, it’s at times dramatic and theatrical, at others, catchy, alt rock, laced with great grooves and some cool sci-fi vibes.  Super excellent.“ - Debbie Catalano, the Noise (Boston)


“…An impressive and attention-grabbing slew of guitar-driven rock n’ roll (the kind that reminds me of my youth in the ‘90s) jarred and combusted at a pace reminiscent of today’s ProTools birthed popular radio - with a hint of funk thrown in for flavor - Johnny Stranger sounds like a band that’s grown into its britches.  Johnny Stranger’s riffs are chunky and tight, and though Johnny admits there were growing pains along the way, the band has reached a point where the power can be felt.” - the Weekly Volcano (Tacoma, WA)